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Fever After Dark is a new division of J. Bobb Fever Inc., the creator of such events as Fever International Dance Championships and Solo Heat.

Fever After Dark... Toronto's LATEST Dance Event!

Fever After Dark is a dance experience that prides itself on supporting the integrity and growth of emerging or professional, dancers and choreographers by providing a stage to present their work. Consequently exposing its performers to a wide audience both in and out of the dance community.

The concept for FAD is inspired by the amazing MILK & HONEY series, created years ago by my dear friend, the brilliant Linda Garneau. In celebration and honour of this successful series, (still talked about today) the producers of Helix Dance Project, Milk & Honey and Fever International Dance Championships, have come together once again to create FEVER AFTER DARK.

FAD is a premier event created for a new generation of emerging choreographers and dancers to display their work and push artistic boundaries in an intimate night club setting in downtown Toronto. We are calling on all choreographers to bring their energy, emotion, sensuality and fearlessness to the FAD stage. This certainly is going to be a show not to be missed as we are joined by special guests along with friends, new and old. We look forward to seeing you this fall at FEVER AFTER DARK.

Jerome Bobb - FIDC President & Founder
Jerome is a dynamic; performer, teacher and choreographer, most recently adding national dance competition director to his credits! He started performing at age 14, and has over 11 years of experience... (read more)

Cara Volchoff - Host
A proud graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, Cara wears many hats within the creative realm of today’s arts and entertainment industry. While performance, teaching and choreogr... (read more)


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